4546 N 83rd Ave. East
Newton, IA 50208

Our Story

Esther Purl Fibers came from generations of family, friends, creativity and determination! Esther Pearl was my great-grandmother. She was one of those women that turned everything into something lovely. She could cook, quilt, knit, tat, crochet, you name it, Esther did it, and did it well!

My goal is to take the fibers grown here at Jasper’s Edge Farm and continue the tradition. I want to see the character in each fleece and turn it into the best yarn or roving possible! I do all the processing myself. Only on rare occasions does a fleece ever get sent to any other fiber mill to be prepared in any way. This way I am able to determine what type of yarn each individual fleece wants to be. It’s never over-scoured or processed. Any yarn that says “mill-spun” is still done by my hand on a small four-ring spinner. – Regina Frahm, current owner of Esther Purl Fibers

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Address: 4546 N 83rd Ave. East Newton, IA 50208 Phone: 641-792-0065 Email: estherpurlfibers@gmail.com