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Combed Top and Fleece


Roving is a long rope of fiber where the individual fibers are parallel, but random in their order. As the roving passes through the rollers it is giver a slight twist. Spinning from roving allows you to keep loft and airiness for a yarn that has warmth and lightness.

Types of Roving are listed below. Check back soon for more information

  • Natural White
  • Cormo Top
  • Natural Colored Top
  • Hand Painted Top

Cormo Combed Top:


100% Cormo fleece that has gone through a special combing process. This removes all short fibers or debris & perfectly aligns the wool. This allows the spinner a faster and truly enjoyable experience. Cormo Top has been referred to as heavenly & like spinning a cloud.

Natural White or Dark Brown - $5 per oz. | Painted - $6 per oz.

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